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Pokète News

  • Make Your Life Easier With a New Take On Fast Food

    With lockdown going on for week number 7048 I decided to have a chat with Kim L'Ecuyer, a registered holistic nutritionist, to give us a quick and versatile recipe idea for our families. We discuss how to make it affordably, store it conveniently, and creative ways we can use pesto to get your  greens in. It's a new take on fast food! 
  • What is "Deadstock" Anyways?

    I've mentioned in a few Facebook posts and in our product descriptions that Pokète is using only "deadstock" materials for our scarves and implied this is an eco friendly option. Here's a brief explanation as to what "deadstock" actually is and why this is a good option to help planet earth.
  • Hidden Treasures In Your Pockets

    A friend shared this beautiful photo journal article with me and I thought others might get teary eyed from it as well. It shares photos of what's found inside the author's preschooler son's pockets everyday. These items are often little treasures a child finds magical and represents a chapter in their life. I never really considered the contents of my son's pockets as "precious" until seeing this laid out for me. Pockets can be a magical place!
  • How to Pack Light

    One of Pokète's values is being practical and only taking what's essential with you.  This is true for a trip to the grocery store or a vacation abroad. Here's an article with a few packing tips we thought you might find useful.
  • Wearing a Heavy Purse Can Be a Health Concern

    Here's another reason why Pokète is a great idea: heavy purses and handbags. Apparently, they are bad for our health. I read this interesting article I wanted to share. The author gave ways to make purses safer to wear, but Pokète didn't exist yet! Here's a link to the article that got me thinking:

    Click here to see article: Heavy Purse Syndrome

  • Women and Pockets

    I had to think about pockets and women’s clothes way before the existence of Pokète.  I experienced sheer frustration and lack choice given to me by the existing clothing market.  Pokète is created out of a yearning to wear clothes that respond to my needs.


    Women’s pockets can be identified as an issue in gender politics, women’s history and the clothing industry.  You can read more about it in this informative article about the history of women and pockets.


    Click here to read article: The Weird Complicated Sexist History of Pockets 

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