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Have You Heard About One Mile Wear Yet?

  There’s a Japanese concept “One-Mile Wear” that I have been fascinated with recently. The idea is to wear comfortable and functional clothing within one mile radius of your home (the name kind of gives away the concept, doesn’t it?).

 The clothes are minimalist, efficient, chic, and trendy for you to run your errands smoothly. No one wants to miss life’s small moments just because they lost their keys. 

 When was the last time you didn’t feel the need to carry anything in your hands? Your hands were actually free ?

 And by free, I mean no cell phone, car keys, glasses, meds, wallet, or anything else.

 My guess is you don’t remember because it has been too  long. With our busy and scheduled life, there is always something you are carrying, and if it’s not in your hand, you have probably forgotten it somewhere.


The Japanese have given us many things that we are thankful for. It seems this time it won’t be any different. One mile wear seems to be the next big thing in the fashion industry. A trend that is slowly gaining popularity.

Pokète wasn't intended to fall into this "one mile wear" trend, but we are thrilled it does! All of our styles have been created to be practical, timeless and effortlessly chic. Oh, and there's hidden pockets with zippers so you can actually go on those errands hands free. 

 Put all your essentials in your scarf pocket, zip it up, and you are ready to go, still looking stylish. Gamechanger! 


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