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Make Your Life Easier With a New Take On Fast Food

Pokète is all about pockets for women. I talk a lot about those. It's also about making women's lives easier in many respects. I decided to put together a video series collaborating with women who specialize in all sorts of areas on how to make your life simpler. 

With lockdown going on for week number 7048 I decided to have a chat with Kim L'Ecuyer, a registered holistic nutritionist, to give us a quick and versatile recipe idea for our families. We discuss how to make it affordably, store it conveniently, and creative ways we can use pesto to get in those leafy greens. It's a new take on fast food! If you ran out of healthy food ideas for your family a long time ago, check this video out. 

Drop your email to see Kim's Powerhouse Pesto being made!! 

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