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What Does "Deadstock" mean?

I've mentioned in a few Facebook posts and in our product descriptions that Pokète is using only "deadstock" materials for our scarves and implied this is an eco friendly option. Here's a brief explanation as to what "deadstock" actually is and why this is a good option to help planet earth. 
Deadstock is the fabric that goes unused by the mill or brand that produced it. Perhaps because the fabric turned out the wrong colour, the brand ordered too much of it, or they simply decided not to move forward with the piece it was intended for. Deadstock fabric is any textile that's sitting around as a leftover without plans for future use. Eventually it will likely end up in a landfill because it never got used up. By using these leftover deadstock materials, we are giving them a second chance and keeping them out of landfills. It's a sustainable way for small designers to not create any waste. Often brands that are sitting with "deadstock" are unable to use it themselves because it's not enough to create a full large production run.All of this is very appealing to a small designer though, because we often want exclusive small production runs anyways. We know the basics of being eco friendly is to reduce and reuse, and using "deadstock" is a great way to minimize our impact. I hope this helps to clarify my one liners about "deadstock" being a more sustainable option. 
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  • What an excellent idea to make beautiful comfort sweatshirts while keeping our planet in mind

  • That makes total sense! Kudos to you for using deadstock and keeping our planet in mind!


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