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Pokète News

  • Hidden Treasures In Your Pockets

    A friend shared this beautiful photo journal article with me and I thought others might get teary eyed from it as well. It shares photos of what's found inside the author's preschooler son's pockets everyday. These items are often little treasures a child finds magical and represents a chapter in their life. I never really considered the contents of my son's pockets as "precious" until seeing this laid out for me. Pockets can be a magical place!
  • Wearing a Heavy Purse Can Be a Health Concern

    Here's another reason why Pokète is a great idea: heavy purses and handbags. Apparently, they are bad for our health. I read this interesting article I wanted to share. The author gave ways to make purses safer to wear, but Pokète didn't exist yet! Here's a link to the article that got me thinking:

    Click here to see article: Heavy Purse Syndrome

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