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A Vision Board Instead of New Year's Resolution

If  New Year's  Resolutions sound like a good idea in theory but never seem to work out in practice, consider making a vision board to help set your intentions for the year. I  did, here's mine! 

vision board for new year's

There's TONS of articles about vision boards out there and I don't think it's an exact science, but by putting what you want from many aspects of your life up on a board that you see everyday, it can help you manifest these intentions. You can use clippings from magazines, images that you like in articles on the internet, quotes... anything can be used. It's YOUR vision board! 

The areas I focused on for mine were:

  • Fun and recreation
  • Spirituality
  • Financial goals
  • Significant other 
  • Friends
  • Health and wellness
  • Physical environment
  • In business

Here's what I did: I found a few quotes or images that would inspire me and remind me of these aspirations for each one of these areas of my life and put it on the board. My vision board sits on my desk behind my computer and I look at it often. That's key, you want it to be in a place you look at regularly so it will remind you to take action.  

Does it work? I think so, and so do many other people. What I love about it is that it's not simply focused on one aspect of my life. It encompasses a lot of different elements, so i can feel successful about something everyday. 

Sometimes I look up and say "MAN I should really move..." and the vision board has magically inspired me to go take a Peloton class mid-day. Sometimes I look at the friends images and I pick up the phone and call a girlfriend and so on. 

I'd love to see what your vision board looks like, send it to me. 



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