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Picture Diary: Sousse, Tunisia

A couple of years ago I worked for a company that was based in Sousse, Tunisia. I had to go for training on site for close to a month (I live in Montreal). Even though it was tough leaving my husband and young son at home, I always love a good travel adventure and chose to make the most of my time there. Here are some photos from Sousse. 

Sousse in in the central-east of the country, on the Gulf of Hammamet, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea
 Ocean view
Sousse is a hotspot for tourism and has many all inclusive resorts. The company put me up in one! Here's a view from my hotel. It was 18 degrees Celsius when I was there, but not complaining compared to winter temperatures at home. 
hotel view
I had the same cab driver come and take me everyday to work and pick me up in the evening from the office. It was a 10 minute drive and costed about the equivalent of $2.00 Canadian. Even though I stayed in a nice hotel, we passed by empty plots of land that were full of garbage and there were sometimes a heard of goats eating from them. 
One day in front of the office, which was super modern, I was shocked to see this donkey pulling a cart full of empty water bottles. I asked one of my co-workers (who is from Sousse) about it and she said this is totally the norm. It's their version of a recycling truck. 
donkey recycling pickup
The people in Sousse are super friendly. I became good friends with a couple of my colleagues and they took me around. Here's a couple of images from the medina which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
souk in sousse
Tunisian pottery at the medina. I didn't bring enough home. 
Tunisian pottery
The food is so good. 
Tunisian food stand
My sweet friends from Sousse who took me around and showed me the city 
friends in Sousse
Who doesn't love a beautiful turquoise door? 
Turquoise door
Currently daydreaming for the next BIG adventure, in the mean time enjoying the everyday ones. 

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