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Picture Diary 2: Monastir and Sidi Boo Said

As a continuation to my first Picture Diary blog from a couple of weeks back, I wanted to do a second post with other cities in Tunisia. I was based in Sousse for a month, but did a day trip to Sidi Boo Said and Monastir as well. I always love a good adventure! 

Here we go! 

1. Sidi Boo Said is known as a town full of artists. The area is painted mainly in blue and white. It reminded me of Greece. I loved the cafés, cobblestone streets, and of course, the amazing view of the Mediterranean.  

sidi boo said tunisia adventure

2. View from the café, not too shabby for a work trip

Café Sidi Boo Said adventure pockets

3. I love elaborate doors. Especially turquoise ones. 

turquoise door sidi boo said

4. Walking on the cobblestone streets of Sidi Boo Said. It was pretty stunning. 

me in front of the walking through Sidi Boo Said

5. There was no Starbucks that I saw while in Tunisia. However, I did come across "Angel Bucks" Café... 

 fake starbucks

6. Le Ribat Monastir, an Islamic fortress, is the oldest ribat built by the Arab conquerors during the Muslim conquest of the Maghreb. It's totally intact and spectacular. 

rabat in Monastir Tunisia

7. Interior view of the Ribat. Fun fact, this landmark appeared in a couple of movies including Jesus of Nazareth and Life of Brian.

Monastir Rabat excursion

8. Mural walking through Monastir 

Mural in Monastir

9. When you go up all the stairs in the Ribat you overlook the Mediterranean Sea. 

Beach view from Rabat

10. Tunisian ex president Habib Bourguiba was born in Monastir, and his mansion is still located in the city as a museum. You can see why he never left with these views.

Monastir beach hands free adventure

11. The Bourguiba mausoleum is a monumental grave in Monastir, containing the remains of former president Habib Bourguiba, the father of Tunisian independence. Here I am in the large square in front of the site. 

Bourguiba Mosque, Monastir Tunisia

Pokète's idea for hidden pocket wearables, was born out of my love for exploring different places and cultures. 

Do you have an interesting trip you want to document in a quick photo diary? I'd love to share it on the blog. 

I hope to hear from you soon to share your travel adventures too. 

xoxo Andy


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